Forest Dungeon Test Part 2

Project report #90

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  • Added a new way to select ammo for the equipped weapon...
  • All arrows types now have their own specific quiver...

Weekly progress (17.12.17)

  • Added broken signboard to Kakariko Gorge.
  • Added door to the house near Lake Hylia.
  • Added flag posts to the South Town area.
  • Reworked arrow types for the bow, removed combinations. The new list includes only: usual arrows, bomb arrows, fire arrows, ice arrows and blue fire arrows.

Hyrule Field

Weekly progress (19.11.17)

  • Added sounds to world map menu.
  • Added highlight effect to selected markers on the world map.
  • Added tooltip with the name of highlighted marker.
  • Added save states support to world map markers.
  • Added new open/close animations to world map menu.

Weekly progress (22.10.17)

  • Added navigation mesh to Hyrule Field.
  • Remodeled and added Horse Call item model.
  • Chest icons now can be customized. They are also visible on minimap now.
  • Added marker counter to the world map menu.

Weekly progress (24.09.17)

  • Added fully customizable markers to the world map. They now have several sets of icons with different colors.
  • Players can add and remove custom markers.
  • Added new minimap textures to Ordon Village.

Weekly progress (03.09.17)

  • Adding customizable markers to the world map. Players will be able to name them, choose their icons and colors.
  • Improved UI objects such as text field, option and passive object.
  • Added new minimap to Castle Town.

Weekly progress (13.08.17)

  • Regions on the world map are now selectable.
  • It is now possible to travel between Hyrule Field and Castle Town.
  • Set up post-processing in Castle Town.
  • Day Night system adjustments. Added new layer with clouds for rainy weather.

Weekly progress (30.07.17)

  • Added break sounds and particles to rock obstacles.
  • Hyrule Field theme now can switch between OnFoot and OnHorse states.
  • Added item pickup scene support to Link's horseback state.


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