Weekly progress (09.07.17)

  • Updated Epona's stamina icons with dynamic transparency.
  • Adjusted fog, so it does not affects skybox and darkens level geometry at night.
  • Dropped items may now spawn in a circular shape and have unlimited lifetime.

Weekly progress (25.06.17)

  • Added stamina with new icons to Epona.

Weekly progress (18.06.17)

  • Adjusted Link's running speeds.
  • Adjusted Epona's running and dashing speeds.
  • Epona plays random animations while it's idle.

Weekly progress (11.06.17)

  • Holding Shift forces Link to walk.
  • Holding Shift while riding forces Epona to walk and prevents to increase speed.
  • Added Epona's sounds and footstep particle effects.

Weekly progress (04.06.17)

  • Epona can now automatically jump over obstacles.

Weekly progress (28.05.17)

  • Redone collision and obstacle check.
  • Epona can quickly turn back while playing stand animation.
  • Added Link's high-res hair texture from Ishiiruka's pack.
  • Objects can be rendered on the world map. Added custom map markers support.

Weekly progress (21.05.17)

  • Added foot placement to Epona and made it adjust to the ground.
  • Made proper collision for Epona. It also avoids obstacles now.
  • Redone Link's foot placement and his idle animation.
  • Added some high-res world map textures.

Weekly progress (07.05.17)

  • Added Epona's acceleration and brake animations.
  • Added gallop possibility (infinite for now).
  • Added reins, made physics for them and for the tail.

Weekly progress (30.04.17)

  • Added Epona's turn in place and walking back animations.
  • Moving backwards is only possible with fixed camera mode.
  • Added interactive world map menu with the example map of Hyrule from TP.

(Not so) weekly progress (23.04.17)

  • Added dismount possibility.
  • Epona is able to move, so riding is entirely possible now.
  • Redone textures and material of Hyrule Field's minimap.


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