Castle Town demonstration

Weekly progress (06.11.16)

  • Wind affects falling leaves.
  • Rolling into trees may spawn leaves and rupees.
  • Musicians in Castle Town now play music at daytime.
  • Fixed crowd agents and optimized navmesh.

Weekly progress (30.10.16)

  • Recolored Castle Town textures. Fall is coming to Hyrule. Yay!
  • Trees and grass are animated and their animation depends on wind speed.
  • Added falling leaves particles to trees.
  • Added new signboards to Malo Mart Castle Town Branch.

Weekly progress (23.10.16)

  • Movement speed of townsfolk characters depends on their animation and an item they hold.
  • Townsfolk characters have animated eyes and can blink now.
  • Updated player avoidance for crowd agents.
  • Replaced models for soldiers with more detailed cutscene versions.

Weekly progress (09.10.16)

  • Some of townsfolk characters are no more able to run (except when forced).
  • Removed unnecessary movement animations.
  • Adjusted base movement speeds for characters holding items and playing alternative animations.
  • Item scales are now different per character.

Weekly progress (02.10.16)

  • Adjusted brightness and light radius for torches in Castle Town and added sounds.
  • Light brightness is faded dynamically instead of switching instantly.
  • Better player avoidance for townsfolk.
  • Better route selection at the central Castle Town.

Weekly progress (25.09.16)

  • Castle Town theme is only playing at daytime now.
  • Torches are only lit at nighttime.
  • Made speed adjustments for crowds.
  • Fixed some of their attachments.
  • Added skeletal controls to crowds. They are needed to adjust bone rotations for some of them.

Weekly progress (18.09.16)

  • Added music volumes to Castle Town.
  • Updated time events to make them work properly with level streaming and save states.

Weekly progress (11.09.16)

  • Added static NPCs to south Castle Town.
  • New music manager now supports battle themes and detects player's movement.
  • Levels may now have default music theme again.
  • Removed old dllbind music engine.
  • Added new Castle Town music and set up the theme to control it.

Weekly progress (04.09.16)

  • Added music themes feature. They are used to store a set of rules for different gameplay situations. Like, to play certain battle music when the battle starts, or stop all music at nighttime.
  • Music is now fully configurable from the editor.


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