Weekly progress (28.08.16)

  • Added static NPCs to central Castle Town.
  • Updated music manager. Added layers, conditions, volume control and more.
  • Added Hyrule Field daytime theme.

Weekly progress (14.08.16)

  • Set up camera for Telma's bar area in the Castle Town.
  • Started to write music manager, reproduced Armogohma theme.

Weekly progress (07.08.16)

  • Updated Castle Town minimap. Now it has explorable parts.
  • Added inertion feature to volume camera.
  • Set up camera for west and south west Castle Town.

Weekly progress (31.07.16)

  • Added Castle Town minimap.
  • Updated volume camera. Now it's point of view can change depending on player's location.
  • Set up camera for east and south east Castle Town.

Weekly progress (24.07.16)

  • Dynamic camera revamp. Now it's fully compatible with volumes, kismet and interactive actors (like doors and NPCs).

Weekly progress (17.07.16)

  • Extended dynamic camera. Added rotation and player sight offsets.
  • Set up camera for center and north Castle Town.
  • Added minimap helper to automatically calculate level size.

Weekly progress (10.07.16)

  • Added double doors actors.
  • Added flags and doors to Castle Town level.
  • Finalized Castle Town and Shop themes.

Weekly progress (03.07.16)

  • Finished Castle Town collision.
  • Added interactive gates to the North Castle Town.
  • Added torches.

Weekly progress (27.06.16)

  • Adding collision meshes to Castle Town level. Finished north, center and east areas.

Weekly progress (19.06.16)

  • Added market and landscape decorations to Castle Town.
  • Added collision and player avoidance for crowds.


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