Weekly progress (12.06.16)

  • Remodeled most of market objects in South Castle Town.
  • Set up atachments to town NPCs.
  • Added more spawn points for crowd actors.

Weekly progress (05.06.16)

  • More remodeling of east Castle Town.
  • Remodeled houses in South Castle Town.

Weekly progress (29.05.16)

  • Added Castle Town NPC models and their props.

Weekly progress (23.05.16)

  • Imported east part of Castle Town.

Weekly progress (15.05.16)

  • Imported west part of Castle Town. Remodeled arches, windows and colums.

Weekly progress (08.05.16)

  • Remodeled Central Castle Town, added cloth physics to cafe.

Weekly progress (01.05.16)

  • Imported Central Castle Town

Weekly progress (24.04.16)

  • Added smooth transition between different dynamic cameras.
  • Magnetic surfaces are toggleable now.
  • Imported North Castle Town and Hyrule Castle decoration models.

Weekly progress (17.04.16)

  • Extended camera, added new adjustable camera modes.

Weekly progress (10.04.16)

  • Dynamic camera distance, adjusting to your movement.
  • Better wind streams, allowing controls when player is affected by them.


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