Weekly progress (22.11.15)

  • Added trap interaction interface.
  • Spline-based traps can auto-generate their trajectories.
  • Added some more remodelled objects to Link's house.

Weekly progress (15.11.15)

  • Deactivated traps now deal different amount of damage.
  • Improved trace check to allow using blocks in narrow space without getting stuck inside other objects.
  • New iron boots models and textures. Made by Karl Bauer.

Weekly progress (08.11.15)

  • Added quest interface to magnetic streams and cranes.
  • Added sounds to blocks and rotators.
  • Added wall walking sounds to iron boots.
  • Added archetypes of blocks, torches, clawshot targets and switches, blade traps.

Weekly progress (01.11.15)

  • Link is able to look at the crane magnet.
  • Added light effect to crane magnet and magnetic streams.
  • Traps may change their spline actor by the Kismet action.
  • Added particle systems and lights to blocks on magnetic surfaces.

Weekly progress (25.10.15)

  • Spiked rollers, pendulums and blade traps can be switched in Kismet. Hidden traps, yay!
  • Each pendulum trap can start with a different rotation.
  • Link is free to use ladders from any step, while he is walking. Wanna climb ladder, while standing on a statue? No problem!
  • If something is blocking Link on a ladder, he is not allowed to move into that direction.

Forest Dungeon


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