Project report #92

Main updates of the past year.

Feature Highlight: Magnetism

Feature Highlight: Blocks

Project report #91

January and February updates: Dominion Rod, Fire arrows, new sound and particle effects.

Forest Dungeon Test Part 3

Forest Dungeon Test Part 2

Project report #90

It's time to annouce the new video series which will highlight features of our project. Subscribe to the channel, so you don't miss them.

  • Added a new way to select ammo for the equipped weapon...
  • All arrows types now have their own specific quiver...

Weekly progress (17.12.17)

  • Added broken signboard to Kakariko Gorge.
  • Added door to the house near Lake Hylia.
  • Added flag posts to the South Town area.
  • Reworked arrow types for the bow, removed combinations. The new list includes only: usual arrows, bomb arrows, fire arrows, ice arrows and blue fire arrows.

Hyrule Field

Weekly progress (19.11.17)

  • Added sounds to world map menu.
  • Added highlight effect to selected markers on the world map.
  • Added tooltip with the name of highlighted marker.
  • Added save states support to world map markers.
  • Added new open/close animations to world map menu.


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