Project report #90

It's time to annouce the new video series which will highlight features of our project. Subscribe to the channel, so you don't miss them.

And since I'm not posting these reports every week now, their format will be changed. Just a little.


  • Added a new way to select ammo for the equipped weapon. By pressing middle mouse button (by default) you open ammo selector, where... you select ammo that you need. Currenly supported by bow.


  • All arrows types now have their own specific quiver. Each quiver has it's own limit. Their upgrades will be possible throuh the craft system.
  • Bomb arrows explode after hitting flame.



Okay, the way you have Link holding the bow is super wrong. The arm pulling the arro back should be in line with the arrow. also, you should avoid using Nintendos assets, which I see all over the website. I have ripped and studied a lot of twilight princess models

Thanks, I didn't notice that. I'll try to find different animations.

Fixed. The problem was with climbing skeletal controllers being initially enabled. That caused unintended behavior in some animations.

Much betterm but I am curious on why you made his hair more brown when it is supposed to be a dirty blonde. Unless it's just an artistic chocie. I have tetxures that you can feel free to use haven't posted the updated hair tetxure though but I'll send them if you are interested. They where done to match Links character art in all the promotional stuff

I've used a texture from some hd pack. I did some brightness and color adjustments to make it look like the old texture. Looks like it wasn't enough.