Weekly progress (22.10.17)

  • Added navigation mesh to Hyrule Field.
  • Remodeled and added Horse Call item model.
  • Chest icons now can be customized. They are also visible on minimap now.
  • Added marker counter to the world map menu.

Weekly progress (24.09.17)

  • Added fully customizable markers to the world map. They now have several sets of icons with different colors.
  • Players can add and remove custom markers.
  • Added new minimap textures to Ordon Village.

Weekly progress (03.09.17)

  • Adding customizable markers to the world map. Players will be able to name them, choose their icons and colors.
  • Improved UI objects such as text field, option and passive object.
  • Added new minimap to Castle Town.

Weekly progress (13.08.17)

  • Regions on the world map are now selectable.
  • It is now possible to travel between Hyrule Field and Castle Town.
  • Set up post-processing in Castle Town.
  • Day Night system adjustments. Added new layer with clouds for rainy weather.

Weekly progress (30.07.17)

  • Added break sounds and particles to rock obstacles.
  • Hyrule Field theme now can switch between OnFoot and OnHorse states.
  • Added item pickup scene support to Link's horseback state.

Weekly progress (16.07.17)

  • Epona's location now can be saved to save states.
  • Items can be picked up in riding state.
  • World map is centered on the player when opened.

Weekly progress (09.07.17)

  • Updated Epona's stamina icons with dynamic transparency.
  • Adjusted fog, so it does not affects skybox and darkens level geometry at night.
  • Dropped items may now spawn in a circular shape and have unlimited lifetime.

Weekly progress (25.06.17)

  • Added stamina with new icons to Epona.

Weekly progress (18.06.17)

  • Adjusted Link's running speeds.
  • Adjusted Epona's running and dashing speeds.
  • Epona plays random animations while it's idle.

Weekly progress (11.06.17)

  • Holding Shift forces Link to walk.
  • Holding Shift while riding forces Epona to walk and prevents to increase speed.
  • Added Epona's sounds and footstep particle effects.


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