Weekly progress (28.02.16)

  • Added landing particle effects to blocks.
  • Updated design of save and load menu (not finished).

Weekly progress (21.02.16)

  • Added landing particle effects.
  • Sliding effects are also based on physical material now.
  • Particles are also spawned when player is climbing.

LinkGreen Triforce

Weekly progress (14.02.16)

  • Added sounds to chain switches and chain blocks.
  • Added footsteps particle effects.

Weekly progress (07.02.16)

  • Warp bells now able to move multiple statues at once.
  • While wall walking Link can jump to another wall, if he steps into it's magnetic stream.
  • Iron boots can be toggled while jumping, falling and using chain switches.

Weekly progress (31.01.16)

  • Made more customizable behavior for floor switches.
  • Deactivation delay now starts when nothing is placed on a switch.
  • Revamped warp bells to make them less depending on kismet.
  • Added save states support to warp bells.

Weekly progress (24.01.16)

  • Added more floor switch models.
  • Made various fixes and adjustments, including better push detection and collision with other objects.
  • Floor switches connected to grids now automatically set to their positions by block builder.
  • Block height is no more snapped to grid.

Weekly progress (17.01.16)

  • In wall walking state, Link can be dropped down when he is hit by some damage types.
  • Impact damage from falling blocks can be avoided by using shields.
  • Armors may now have their own resistance to each damage type.
  • Link now turns to the damage source if it was successfully blocked. He is also pushed away.

Weekly progress (10.01.16)

  • Floor switches now can be placed everywhere, not just on floors.
  • Falling blocks now deal damage.

Weekly progress (03.01.16)

  • More accurate collision between traps and other objects.
  • Improved animation of roller and blade traps.
  • Adjusted water jump detection, now it properly works at any water height and depth.
  • Improved grid indication in editor.

Summary 2015

A short summary of the progress being made in the last year.

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