Project report #92


  • Blocks have been made stackable.
  • Magnetic streams have been improved to allow Link stay on objects between him and a stream.
  • Link can pick up items and open chests while he's walking on walls.
  • Link can use weapons while riding on Epona.
  • Added minigame manager with two modes: touch the checkpoints and break the targets.
  • Added selector, allowing to swap currently equipped bottle with another one.
  • Added fire propagation. This means fire can be transfered between different objects, such as lantern, torches, arrows, barrels, grass and enemies.

Weapons and items

  • Dominion Rod's projectiles can bounce off walls for two seconds.
  • Dominion Rod can shoot multiple projectiles at once. It uses the same targeting method with WW boomerang. This allows to control multiple statues at once.
  • Dominion Rod can be used to control new type Beamos enemies.
  • Added boomerang and Gale boomerang weapons. Both of them support multi-targeting.
  • Fire and ice arrows now hit enemies in small explosion radius.


  • Updated models with higher poly count versions: slingshot, clawshot.
  • Added high resolution textures for small pots (taken from Victor Rosa's pack) and grass (Skriller).
  • Added new models: Master Sword (Skriller), arrows and bomb arrows (Taco).
  • Completely redone water shader.


  • Added test level for blocks and magnetism feature highlights.
  • Added Armogohma boss fight test level.
  • Recolored Hyrule Field textures for autumn season.
  • Started to work with Lake Hylia.
  • Added actual Gerudo Desert to Hyrule Field level.


  • Added custom grid snapper to quickly align mesh assets.
  • Added season builder. This tool collects various data from the opened level in order to apply it later, thus switching an active season.