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Unreal Engine 4

Are you planning to use UE4?

If you do I think I can help you a bit...


Definitely not for this project. Maybe another time.

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Why is that? Can Ur3 content not be ported to Ur4 relatively easily?


Content is just a small piece of the project. There are also 3.5 MB of scripts in more than 800 files. Rewriting all of that in C++ would take years.

However, UE4 will be used for another project, I have in mind. It is inspired by another Nintendo franchise, but will have original story and characters.


im starting to learn ue4 also this project won't die right? waiting so long for this project to take off has forced me to be patient but i wouldn't survive it being scrapped.

yknow just been waiting for this game to finish for years upon years.


It won't die, but there's just too much work to do before we can release the full version. At the current rate of development, it will take years to finish it. Not to mention some content we're unable to make with the current team.