Vacancy for a scenarist?

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Vacancy for a scenarist?

I'm good at wrighting scenarios and diologues for quests and the like.


Well, then... Here is a trial for you. Try to draw up a chain of quests for Ordon Village (with all dialogs), including at least four of it's characters. You can use any locations, up to Faron Woods.


Didn't see you'd replied until just now, I'm on it.

*Link wakes up from the obligatory dream sequence. He looks out his window to see the children of Ordon.*
*You are given freedom to explore your house.*
When you exit:
Talo: "Finally, why do you always sleep in on your day off?"
              "You're supposed to spar with Colin today!"
Colin: "It's not a big deal, Link's already tought me all of his techniques."
Malo: "And Talo is jealous of the fact you're stronger than him now."
Talo: "Am not!"
Beth: "Quiet! They're starting."
Colin: "I'm not going to hold anything back!"
*Fade to black*
*Training Music Starts*
Colin: "Before we begin, let me remind myself how to use your skills."
Malo: *Under his breath* "This oughta be good..."
Colin: "To swing the sword you press Left-Click."
Talo: "You had to remind yourself of that? That's basic!"
Beth: "He's just warming up, that way he can use the stronger attacks, without hurting himself!"
Colin: *Trying to ignore them* "Link, can you show me how it's done? I think I might have forgotten a few of these."
*Player Control*
Colin: "Yeah, that's it..."
*Swings his sword*
Colin: "If I remember right, You stab by pressing W and then Left-Clicking, while Shift-Targeted."
Malo: "It sounds more like your trying to teach him than the other way around."
Colin: "The Jump Attack is where you lunge at your enemy by Shift-Targeting and then pressing Spacebar."
Beth: "I remember this one: If you hold down the spacebar until the sword glows you can use the even more powerful Jump Strike."
Colin: "Isn't the Spin-Attack where you hold down the Left Mouse Button until your sword shines?"
Talo: "And if your at Full Health, the spin is twice the size!"
Malo: "I see you've been paying attention."
Colin: "The Ending Blow... That's where you mortally wound a downed opponent, isn't it?"
Talo: "I heard that there's some monsters out there that are too tough to kill without it."
Colin: "You perform the Back Slice by holding A or D and pressing spacebar twice, followed by Left-Clicking, right?"
Beth: "That doesn't sound easy..."
Colin: "Sheathe your sword, then pull it out by Left-Clicking and swing down on an unsuspecting enemy in one motion. That's the Mortal Draw."
Malo: "If you know it, why're you having Link show you how to do it?"
Colin: "The Shield Bash is where you stun your opponent by hitting them with your Shield."
Talo: "You use the Scroll Wheel for that one, right?"
Colin: "And to do the Helm Splitter, don't you Shield Bash, and then press space bar while they're stunned, the Left-Click while directly over them?"
Malo: "This one might be better off being practiced on a scarecrow..."
Beth: "Yeah..."
Talo: *under his breath* "Cowards..."
*When Link does it, he breaks the Scarecrow's hat.*
Everyone: "WOAH!"
*When Colin trys it he breaks the Scarecrow's head."
Everyone: "WHOOAAH!"
???: "Impressive."
*Rusl walks into the area*
Rusl: "Link's been training you well."
*Colin turns to Rusl with a shocked expression and then smiles*
Rusl: "Link, I came to tell you that Telma wants to have a meet up with the old group, and wants you to be there."
                     "The meet-up is scheduled for tomorrow, so get tomorrow's chores out of the way now."
              "All you have to today, if my memory serves, is tend to the goats, and catch a fish for Sera's shop."
Talo & Beth: "Aww, man! I wanted to watch them train more."
Colin: "I'm sure we can get back to it when he gets back." 
Rusl: "Oh yeah, one more thing, Telma said she'd like to see Ilia again. Can you go ask her if she'd like to come along?"

Ugh, It didn't keep the format... Hopefully you'll be able to read it without too many problems.


I fixed the missing tag, it seems to display fine now.

I've not expected you'll choose sword training, but hey, these dialogs are great! You're in the team now.

I'll send you some information about storyline we have already.