Summary 2015

A short summary of the progress being made in the last



  • Added custom pathfinding. It's an extension to pathnodes for characters, controlled by AI.

Skybox and Day Night system

  • Added skybox builder. Sets up skybox and connects it to day night system.
  • Added rain and wind effects.
  • Added fog volumes and wind support to day night system.
  • Added skybox and weather presets.

Interactive actors

  • Added kismet-based generation of interactions.


  • Added grid builder.
  • Added moveable blocks. They are able to push floor switches, slide on ice, stack on each other and be attracted to magnets.


  • Added bulblins, both gunner and swordfigh... Ugh, I mean the normal bulblin and the archer.
  • Goron beamos became pushable and climbable, same with blocks.


  • Arrow, hitting fire on a torch, becomes fire arrow.


  • First person camera and aiming.
  • Classic aiming with a centered crosshair.
  • Wall walking with iron boots. At the same time you can pick up items, shoot some arrows, push blocks, pull chains and even open doors! Upside down doors :)
  • Added water jump detection to play alternative jump animation.


  • Added turn switch from Temple of Time.
  • Added chain switches.
  • Added magnetic streams.
  • Added magnetic crane from Goron Mines. Is able to transport Link and metal blocks.
  • Added warp bells from Temple of Time.


  • New textures for Link in hero armor.
  • A plenty of model updates, including Link's house interior and many objects and items.
  • New models and textures for some items, like bow, iron boots, keys and compass.