Weekly progress (24.01.16)


  • Added more floor switch models.
  • Made various fixes and adjustments, including better push detection and collision with other objects.
  • Floor switches connected to grids now automatically set to their positions by block builder.


  • Block height is no more snapped to grid.
  • Blocks moved over floor switches now have a special animation.



Sorry if you allready noticed it, but when link is pushing a block, it the junction between forearms and hands are... broken. again, sorry if my comment sounds inpolite or everythingT_T

thanks for reading this.

Yeah, I know. But that's how original animations worked. You weren't able to see that because of locked camera. But here we'll have to make new animations. Unfortunately, no one in the team is able to do that.

Rod Lima's picture

Well I think is not important now, but animations can be reworked with motionbuilder very fast.

but I think the thing here are Link's gauntlets, they should go up arms on this position, if they are "hard" gauntlets (can't be curved on fist).

if have bones can be translated with skelcontrols, or if is not part of Link mesh (I can't remember now this Link model skin), better yet can be reattached.

the hands>forearms seems all good.


Again, amazing stuff you are doing man (Y).