A few questions...

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A few questions...

Hey! I last checked this forum in July, it has changed a lot since then! First, a few questions:

1. How is the project going? How close are you to at least close to a beta build for us to play?

2. With TPHD coming out, will you guys be able to take assets from that game? Seems like you could.

3. Is there any total mundane task that you need to get done? I would love to help but an a total noob at this sort of thing.

If I think of more questions, I will come back. Thanks!



Hello! Last year we've been adding and updating various objects and features, but almost nothing was done with levels.

I was going to show another piece of test forest dungeon you've seen before, but after news about that HD remaster it was postponed. Nintendo can easily make us to abandon the project because of copyright stuff. And knowing what they did to Super Mario 64 HD, which was just a character controller demo and not even a full game, I'm afraid, there'll be no public demo releases in the near future. I'll continue posting news and maybe some videos (link required), so check the website.
Ripping HD version? No way! My intention was to replace as much as possible with our own content. Not that it is advancing quickly... With one modeler who's doing almost nothing last 4 months...
If you wanna help, there are much stuff you can choose from. I'm looking for someone who could fix kerning in this font. It is the font used in the original game, but cyrillic letters are monospaced for some reason.
Then, we ripped tons of sounds from TP and most of them weren't sorted. It would be great to find there voices of all characters, and maybe enemies and bosses. It becomes easy to recognize everything after watching several walkthroughs, but may take enormous amount of time.
Other vacancies are listed here: http://twilitportal.org/?q=vacancies
Mikau Anaki

I wish I could help with modelling but I only know how to use a CAD program, and I'm not sure that counts.



Also I know it's a dumb question but...would it be possible to export a CAD file as a model I can put in UDK? I'm also not promising anything if I could, as I lack a computer of my own right now. I plan on building one and learning UDK over the summer though.

Mikau Anaki

P.S. - I'd also like to know more about sorting those sound files.


Well, what CAD software are you using? (I use blender, personnaly)

I heard somewhere that UDK likes importing stuff, so I think it will work.

and for the audio, the thing is that the original sounds are not sorted, and have random names, so """we""" would want someone to name them and put them in separate folders (bosses/*name* ; main characters/Link; etc...)... Or at least I think this is what Avatarus was saying. He also told me (and by extent everyone) in "suggestions" how to get those files

[PS: when I tried to write "likes" a accidently types "linkes". I think it is too funny to remove it and leaving no evidence of it]