Castle Town demonstration


After thinking and watching it quite some time, here are some small things that I think could be done better:

-the music blending is a little bit too harsh between west castle town and center castle town,

-the blue cloth-shop-roof thing seen at 1'34" has a too sharp limit between the top and front textures

-the doors don't have normal/bump maps. that is also the case with the fruit in the baskets in south castle (3'40") town (I think I can help on that one)

-the camera loose stability in the bar area (6'44")

-the torches' sound effect is too intense. I don't mean that it is too loud, but that it feels like there is much more burning than a simple torch.


But these are details, and I am nonetheless really impressed by this work.

Thanks a lot.

I can increase fade time between music layers, if it sounds bad.

Roof of the cafe is unchanged, it looked the same in the original game. That seam wouldn't be noticable with properly drawn high res textures.

Unfortunately, TP had no normal maps at all, probably like any Wii game. And all these baskets were completely remodelled. You can notice, that previously they were hexagonal and had no details at all. Fruits... well, they are just planes. I could try to add some real models on top of them, but meh... I have wasted too much time on that level. Actually, flowers bug me a way more here.

Shaking camera is a result of foot placement. It takes the lowest point under the character's feet as the floor height, so when you're near ledges or stairs it becomes unstable. We'll need to figure out how to make dynamic range for it.

I was afraid of a sound effect I used for torches. It sounds good for big torches, in my opinion, but for these it may be a way too loud or... yeah... It has three looping sounds in it, and their volume should be changed for smaller fire.

I can do the normal/bump maps if you want to, as well as adding fruits. However, I am not good with creating color textures. What I can do is use the original texture and increase resolution, smooth some parts out, add a little bit of contrast, fine tune the overall hue to something more realistic, that kind of stuff.
For the camera, I've got this idea: instead of moving the camera along Link's feet, why not making it move, for the Z axis, proportionaly to the integration of the vertical distance between Link's feet and the camera target?
Thanks again, and merry Xmas (even if I am late)