Late weekly progress (19.12.16)


  • Added Eldin province terrain to Hyrule Field. No structures yet.
  • Redone material blending in the central area of Eldin province.


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Hey uh, I'm looking forward to your work here too much, like /way/ too much, so now that Nintendo has DMCA'd Prism (four days before its release after they've been aware of it for years) I'm feeling pretty worried about the safety of Twilight Legends.

You've never seemed one to worry about this too much before, I remember you loling in youtube comments about not stressing the possible banhammer at all and fearlessly using vanilla assets until such a time as your own were finished, and that's admirable, but maybe... definitely try to be very careful from here on. <->;

Your website doesn't seem to get that much traffic, that's great!  /Keep your head down./  Trailer videos, even if you're just about to release something, sound like a really bad idea now. (Prism didn't include distribute or encourage pirating a single Nintendo property besides the name and they were still crushed)

I love what you're making, obviously, I'm thrilled about the story and new classicy feelings, so I want to make sure you're seriously watching your back.  Thanks for keeping it up all this time.

It's always sad to hear that another fan project is destroyed by greedy copyright holder. But by making that when it's about to be released they only show disrespect to their own fans. Fans work for free just to show their love to the franchize and then someone tells them to stop that. Years of their life wasted.

Unfortunately, we cannot finish this project without attraction attention to it. We somehow need to find new developers, and due to our poor recognition, it is very hard. Most of joining people are not even fans, they are freelancers, looking to earn something or in hope to fill their portfolio. Perhaps, I'm just posting at the wrong resources, but people on websites like Zelda Dungeon are passive and doesn't seem to be not interested in fan projects.