Weekly progress (16.01.17)


  • Added better specular effect and switchable flow animation to water shader.
  • Fixed some missing texture blends near the Eldin Bridge.
  • Added some old clawshot targets near Eldin Bridge, Lake Hylia and Kakariko Gorge.
  • Added KillZ volumes.


Tenka's picture

That clawshot targets seem to be z-targettable is cool, but I don't remember if they were in Twilight Princess.  What are KillZ volumes, if you can say?

KillZ is the height at which dynamic objects are removed, so they don't fall forever if they get outside of level bounds. KillZ volumes act in the same way, but get triggered when something touches them. In Link's case, he just returns to the place where he was safe last time (and loses half of a heart). LinkCry